Dark Throne

Dark Throne is a free browser-based massive online game featuring interaction between thousands of players in a virtual fantasy world. Attacking and pillaging nearby kingdoms, defending against incoming attacks, and sending covert spy missions against other players are just some of the unique and challenging online gaming experiences found in Dark Throne.

Dark Throne also includes customizable profiles, an expansive alliance system, online friends lists, a message center, and forum. These features power an experience designed to promote social interaction and foster friendships between players.

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Lazarus Software

With its focus on interactive entertainment, Lazarus Software has been an independent developer of web-based games and game development platforms since 2004. Lazarus Software continues to push the boundaries of gaming on the web by leveraging patent pending technologies to set them apart from the pack.

For more information on Lazarus Software and the technology behind Dark Throne, please contact us at: [email protected].