Rules of Conduct

Multiple Accounts
Only one account per person is allowed.
Sharing Accounts and Login Information
Sharing login information is prohibited. Players are not allowed to have others log into their account for them.
Buying / Selling / Giving Away / Trading Accounts
Accounts cannot be bought, sold, traded, or given away.
Spamming on the forums, message center, or support center is prohibited.
Support Center Abuse
Spamming or sending false support center requests or reports is prohibited.
Automated Program Usage
The use of any program or script which automates any of the game features is prohibited. This includes, but is not exclusive to programs that refresh the page, parse attack listings, automatically bank, and automatically send messages.
Game Bug Abuse
Game bugs should be reported immediately. Failing to report a bug and taking advantage of the bug is a violation of our Terms of Use.
Game / Feature Abuse
Abusing any feature or system to gain an unfair advantage, disrupt game services, or interfere with the administration and support of the game is prohibited.
The use of proxies to mask your IP and break the game rules is prohibited.
Trolling / Harassment / Swearing
Swearing and/or the use of hateful, hurtful, or sexual language in the message center, forums, support center, or profile is prohibited.
Impersonating Players or Staff
Pretending to be another player or staff member is prohibited.
Recruit Link Spamming
The spamming of your recruit link is prohibited. This link is intended for friends and family only. Sending your recruit link to other players over private messaging is also prohibited.

Violation of any of the game rules can result in the instant suspension or banning of your game account.